Practicum/Co-op Opportunities (unpaid)

Base dev team, which consists of super talented 30 software engineers, data scientists and co-op/practicum students, uses the most exciting, powerful and efficient tools and languages to develop our apps as well as machine learning models. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and gain an unparalleled experience with a super team, contact us!


Front-end Team:

Web app development with React and TypeScript.

Back-end Team:

Back-end development with Golang, WebSocket API and Counchbase DB.

Mobile Team:

Native app development with Kotlin and Swift

Data Science/Machine Learning Team:

Using our user behavior/interaction data, we are building ML models to analyze personality traits and soft skills to guide our users to develop and showcase their skills.

UI/UX Design Team:

Using Figma, we are designing our app with the simpler the better approach!